Food Waste Survey – The RESULTS ARE IN!!!

food waste survey board


Late last term the editorial team wrote a survey for the school community to find out more about food waste in our immediate community. After researching food waste in Australia and finding out facts from websites such as Foodbank and Oz Harvest we found that Australia are the worst offenders in the world and that if everyone on the planet lived the way that we do we would need 4 planet Earths!

We ran a competition with all children returning surveys going into the draw to win a $20 iTunes card or $20 Westfield Voucher. The winner was Freddie,  from the 45 families that participated.

The Editorial Team learnt a lot about writing questions suitable for a survey, correlating and analysing real data and presenting data visually through Microsoft Excel for an audience to read.

The results were published in the school Chalkboard. At assembly and in Environment Club we discussed what changes we could make. Alice, Grace and Sophia on behalf of the Environment Club have made a rubbish monitor which is reported daily . The Environment Club have also introduced a weekly Bin Free Tuesday .

A number of parents and teachers have commented that they were shocked by the facts and our results, especially the 4 million tonnes of waste and Australia being the worst waste offenders in the world.

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1 Response to Food Waste Survey – The RESULTS ARE IN!!!

  1. Bessie Young Farming Champion says:

    This is some excellent work! I’m so impressed with your research. Even finding out that were some further questions you could have asked is great!

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