A sheep’s first year


First year in a sheep’s life


This is a photo of a 1 day old lamb from Bessie’s farm.

April- Lamb is born.

June- Lamb marking, it involves rings on the tails and tags on ears. Wethers (Boys) are de-sexed.

June-August- Out in the paddock playing with their mums.

September- By now the lambs have had 6 months of feeding on milk from their mums. Next the lambs are mustered and sheared for the first time. Then the lambs are weaned(stop drinking milk.)

October- March-in the paddock playing again.

March-Crutching is shearing a bit of wool from their bottom because it stops flies and dirt getting in there.

April – When the lambs are 1 they get 2 more teeth and then are called a Hogget.

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2 Responses to A sheep’s first year

  1. Gillian Donn says:

    That’s a fantastic description of a lamb’s first year. That photo of the baby lamb is so cute too!

  2. Bessie Young Farming Champion says:

    Great work! Well done team.

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