Meet Bessie our Young Farming Champion

Meet Bessie, our young farming champion.

We asked her some questions and here is what she had to say:

Bessie Thomas

Age: 26 years old

Birthday: 25th May

Why do you like working on a farm?

I love working on a farm because there are always so many fun and interesting jobs to do that it’s almost impossible to get bored! I work with a wonderful team of people (my husband and his mum and dad… and sometimes one or two others) who are lots of fun to be around. It is also a beautiful working environment, surrounded so much natural bushland and wildlife.

What other interests or likes do you have other than farming?

I love reading! And writing! I like cooking and gardening. I especially love growing fruit and veggies. I also enjoy sewing, shopping (mostly on the internet), renovating our farmhouse and playing with my pets. Oh, and I looooove chocolate!

What are your dislikes?

Cleaning, washing the dishes, and snakes.

My most disliked farm job is chipping burrs. Burrs are weeds and prickles that get stuck in sheep’s wool, making it dirty. To prevent this we try to drive around every paddock and “chip” or dig them out of the ground with a shovel or hoe. One by one! It’s one of the very few boring farm jobs.

Do you like the farm or city the best?

I love visiting the city but I definitely like the farm better. It is my own little slice of paradise, different to anywhere else in the world! There’s so much space to be free and happy.

What is your favourite animal on the farm?

Oh that’s a hard question! I really love the newborn lambs. They’re so tiny and cute when they’re only a few days or weeks old.

But I do like all the animals (except for snakes). We have sheep, cattle, chickens, dogs, a horse and lots of wild animals such as goats, pigs, foxes, emus, kangaroos, lizards and snakes, echidnas, and birds.

When did you leave the city to live on the farm?

I moved to the farm at the beginning of 2011. So just over 3 years ago.

Do you grow anything on the farm, like vegetables and fruit?

I have a huge veggie garden and lots of fruit trees! We’re a long way from the supermarket so it makes life easier if I can grow lots of fresh produce for us to eat. I love growing veggies much more than I like growing flowers! Right now I’ve got tomatoes, rocket, lemons, broccoli, asparagus and lots of herbs.

What is it like being a farming champion?

Being a Farming Champion is so much fun. I’ve been lucky enough to meet dozens of other farming champions from all sorts of industries… cotton farmers, beef farmers, grain farmers, dairy farmers. And even though we’re all farmers, all our lives are so different and special. Being able to visit schools to talk about our love of farming is also a very special experience. Not all farmers get to do that, so I am really appreciating my time as a farming champion.

Have you been a farming champion for other schools and visited their school? Which schools?

No, you are my very first school! I’m so excited.

I’ve been reading your blog, and I’ve checked out your school website and newsletter. You guys seem so smart and friendly; I can’t wait to meet you all!

What was your school like when you were growing up?

I went to primary school in a small city in Victoria, about 3.5hours northwest of Melbourne. It was a lovely school on beautiful, spacious grounds… but my Dad was a teacher at the same school! So I could never do anything without my Dad finding out about it! He’s a cool Dad, but I was pretty pleased when I finished year 6 and moved onto the high school. We moved to Queensland when I was 15 and I went from a school of 350 students, to a school of 5000 students! There were 500 year 12s in my graduating year of high school. It was huge!

Read more about Bessie Loving the Land and the Man .

You can read the blog she wrote about her visit to our school here 

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