Sheep Shearing – Semester Celebration

On Thursday 31st July we had our school open to the community for Semester Celebration.
We feel so lucky to be part of the Arts4Agriculture Archibull 2014 as it is with the help of our YFC Bessie Thomas, Emily King from the Australian Wool Industry and Lynne Strong who leads the Archibull Competition, that we had 4 real sheep and a sheep shearing demonstration at our school.
ram classroom 1

Shaun surprised all of the classroom with the rams, so much fun!

ava shearing

Sheep shearing isn’t as easy as it looks.

shearing 1

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6 Responses to Sheep Shearing – Semester Celebration

  1. Bessie Young Farming Champion says:

    Hi HNPS!
    Wow, this looks like so much fun! What a special experience.
    Those rams looks absolutely gorgeous and very well behaved!
    I’m so glad you had such a fun time.
    From Bessie

  2. Bernadette Watson says:

    Had a great day at semester celebrations. You should be proud Hamilton North!

  3. renae pace says:

    that was the best I got to keep some of the wool

    Shaun had shaun the sheep hahahahhahahahahahahaaha

  4. Gillian Donn says:

    The sheep shearing was fantastic, and Shaun had some amazing stories to tell too. The “royal bow” was a special treat – who knew sheep could be so clever?!!

    Ava – you look like a natural sheep shearer. A new occupational direction for you?

  5. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments Gillian and Bella. Bella you have done an amazing job as part of the editorial team , well done! Gillian, you wouldn’t happen to know a good architect that knows about making models and could give us some helpful tips?

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