Bessie’s Home

To help us get started on our art project Bessie has sent us some photos of her property.

Burragan Map 001 Clothes line 1 P1030489smaller P1030490smaller P1030492smaller P1030494smaller P1030497smaller P1030498smaller P1030499smaller P1030502smaller

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4 Responses to Bessie’s Home

  1. renae pace says:

    wow its really really BIG

  2. renae pace says:

    where are the sheep

    • Bessie Young Farming Champion says:

      Hi Renae,
      It’s a big farm… 70,000 acres (about 50,000 Hunter Stadiums)… so the sheep are all out in the paddocks eating and enjoying themselves. They do wander up to the house sometimes though. 🙂
      Cheers, Bessie

  3. Bella Donn says:

    Nice house Bessie.

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