Wool in 2050

Wool in the future


Ideas for wool in the future

  • Wetsuits/swimmers (wool keeps us warm even if we are wet)
  • Wool carpet (wool doesn’t absorb liquid)
  • Microchips on sheep (so farmers can muster easily)
  • Sun-safe range (hats & caps)
  • Sheepskin mattresses (to sleep better)
  • Gymnastics equipment (crash mats)
  • Lampshades (wool is fire-retardant)


Wool ideas around the world

  • People in New Zealand have designed running shoes out of wool
  • In Europe people are making t-shirts, exercise clothes & yoga pants out of wool.
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2 Responses to Wool in 2050

  1. Bessie Young Farming Champion says:

    Some fantastic ideas here, well done!

  2. Bessie says:

    Hi Team, I thought you might like to watch the video of the wool runners they are making in New Zealand… it’s amazing to think what we might be making from wool in the future!

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