Not a Baaaaaaaaa…d Idea! – The Design Process

All children in the school were given an opportunity to submit their ideas for the calf. They had to provide a written explanation of what message they wanted to convey through their art.  5 children submitted responses Renee, Lainey, Jasmine, Ruby and Bella

We have taken little pieces from each to shape our main idea.

Bella’s submission

bella artwork2bella artwork bella written submission

Jasmine’s Submission

jasmine art 1 jasmine art 2 jasmine written

Lainey’s Submission

lainey art1 lainey art2 lainey written

Ruby’s Submission

ruby art 1 ruby art 2 ruby written

Renee’s Submission

coming very soon
We have taken the raw texture wool from the grassy roots through the different phases up the legs idea from Bella, bold colours and pom poms from Renee, “wool bombing” we will wrap it in 100% Australian wool in stripes influenced by the NEWCASTLE logo colour arrangement, from Jasmine’s idea, greasy wool on top of head and stripes from Ruby’s.  The pom poms and knitted pants ( striped) are from Lainey’s idea. The face will be painted to look like a sheep as the students felt we should have had a lamb instead of a cow.

newcastle logo

Bessie’s visit was very special and both the students and teachers fell in love with Bessie and Burragan instantly. The house represents our connection to the farmer, Bessie also made the statement, ” With just water, sun, grass and sheep we could clothe the entire world.” The grass board acts as a means of transport and an installation art piece, the sunglasses reflect the sun, water tanks the water , archibull the sheep , clothes on the clothes line the fashion. Field to Fashion will be our big idea for the artwork.

A rough plan

final art

The Newcastle Logo which inspired our choice of colour, this ties our city as consumers to the farmer in this case Bessie and her 20000 merino at Burragan.


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1 Response to Not a Baaaaaaaaa…d Idea! – The Design Process

  1. Bessie Young Farming Champion says:

    This looks absolutely amazing! I love it! Can’t wait to see your work along the way.
    Well done to everyone!
    From Bessie

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