The HNPS Archibull Teams

Now that we are at the end of our journey we look back and realise how many people have been a part of this wonderful amazing process , however they are spread out over our blog so we will put them into one post.

Firstly Bessie Blore Thomas our YFC – Amazing and wonderful she has gone above and beyond to make sure that HNPS have had the best possible experience.

Lynne Strong – Thank you for all of your support and guidance and for making this whole experience available to schools.

Emily King, “Shaun the Shearer” and AWI – We could never have imagined people to be so generous, professional and efficient. Sheep shearing in our very small city school was spectacular, our whole school community were blown away.

Our School Community – everyone got on board, our blog has reached far and wide across the world from Indonesia to Germany, from Singapore to the UK and many places in between.

Archibull Editorial Team – 5 very dedicated year 4 girls Bella, Ava S, Hayley, Ava W and Mabel worked through lunchtimes and recesses to keep this blog going and they are now officially wool and technology experts!

Archibull Art Team – Amazing designs, commitment, negotiations and a lot of mess, these girls have done an amazing job. From kindergarten to year 6 Lily Mae, Jasmine, Ruby, Lainey, Renee, Grace, Mabel, Hayley, Bella, Ava W and Ava S.

Archibull Rappers – How amazing is their video!!!! To be able to write, record and even direct their own music video all in lunchtimes and recesses is very clever . Thank you Alex, Bessie, Aidan, Leo and Maya. So proud of you!

Archibull Knitting Mums – Xanthe and Shelly thank you, thank you!!! Xanthe not sure what we would have done without you, you are a knitting genius. Thank you!

Archibull Teacher Team – Kelly Deakin ( Principal), Trudy Ramsay, Emma Novak, Sophie Cowan and Amy Drew. Thank you ladies, without a team of teachers like you this project is not possible. Even though the original ideas unfortunately couldn’t come to life it has evolved into something amazing anyway!

Numerous others helped out along the way, for example the K-6 Environment Club but if we try to mention names we are sure to accidently miss someone. So , thank you everyone who was involved.



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2 Responses to The HNPS Archibull Teams

  1. Bessie says:

    THANK YOU! You have all been an absolute pleasure to work with and I’ve loved sharing my passion for the world of wool with everyone at Hamilton North.
    Congratulations to all of you!

  2. Emily says:

    Well done everyone and thank you for your kind words! It’s lovely to work with people who love wool and sheep as much as we do!

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