Art Analysis


School: Hamilton North Public School

Name: Mr Archiwool

Commodity: Wool

What years and classes were involved:

K-6 – All students , teachers and the community were involved in one way or another, from Bessie our YFC visit, to Shaun’s shearing demonstration and all of the small things in-between (for example food drive for Oz Harvest, Bin Free Tuesday to cut down our waste, naming our calf and so much more!)

A number of people contributed significantly to our entry.

Editorial Team – Hayley, Mabel, Ava S, Bella and Ava W – photographers, researchers and bloggers

Archibull Design /Art Team – Jasmine, Lily Mae, Lainey, Renee, Grace, Hayley, Bella, Ava W, Ava S, Mabel and Ruby E. Design influence, painting and creating artwork.

Rappers – Leo, Kate, Alex, Bessie, Aidan and Kaiyu led by Miss Sophie Cowan

Digital Video / green screen and editing – Miss Sophie Cowan, rappers, Mr Josh Sparke and Mrs Emma Novak

Community – Xanthe Roxburgh ( What Xanthe Saw) – knitting and photography

Shelly Brandon, Sue Deakin and Tricia Franks knitting

Bob Franks (CNC Unique)wooden template for and construction of Bessie’s house

Teacher Team – Mrs Trudy Ramsay ( Archibull coordinator), Mrs Emma Novak, Miss Sophie Cowan, Miss Amy Drew and Mrs Kelly Deakin ( Principal) – allocation of time, sharing load, design influence and theme.

Theme: Field to Fashion – We have used Bessie’s quote , “ With just sun, water, grass and sheep we can clothe the world”.

Concept: The students have tried to make the calf look like a sheep. The grass underfoot is representing the land and food, the house represents Bessie’s place, Burragan. Moving up the legs reflects the wool process from greasy to scoured to carbonised to wool top. Finally reaching the calves body the cow is wrapped in 100% Australian wool, knitted in places that it was impossible to wrap. The colours are inspired by the Newcastle Logo , tying the cow back to our home city . In turn, connecting the city with the bush, consumer with farmer.

The sun is represented through the calf’s sunglasses , water via the water tank and clothes / fashion hanging on the clothesline ( HNPS school colours red shirt and navy pants). With grass + rain + sun and sheep we can clothe the world is on the facia of the board on one side. Bessie’s quote is on the opposite side, NEWCASTLE logo on the rear like a numberplate and Mr Archiwool on the front.

 Stylistic influences: The Newcastle logo inspired the colours, Bessie’s house photos inspired the home at the base of the calf ( thank goodness her clothesline was a basic one!) The wool wrap was inspired by looking at wool art , it was actually spotted on some vases and bottles in google images. The children’s designs all focused on field to fashion which made a good fit with Bessie’s quote.

What makes your Archibull unique: The calf is entirely covered from head to toe ( the only exceptions being his mouth and soles of his feet) in 100% Australian wool. He is sitting on Bessie’s Burragan and has our school uniform on the clothesline.

We love him!!! He is ours and he is going to be very very loved!

back view front top image front view legs close up

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