Our School

Hamilton North PS is a beautiful small “country like” school only 4km from the centre of Newcastle City CBD in NSW, Australia.

With 178 students we are at full capacity.




10 Responses to Our School

  1. hello Mrs Ramsay it’s me Mabel we’ve done a awesome blog so far.

  2. Bella Donn says:

    What Mabel said.

  3. renae pace says:


  4. Ava White says:

    I love being in the editorial team. It has taught me so much about the wool industry and sheep themselves!!

  5. Bella Donn says:

    Our school is the best ever.

  6. Courtney Jones says:

    I agree Bella! We certainly are very lucky belonging to such a special school. Keep up the great work..team editorial!

  7. Ava Stevo says:

    Miss Courtney you are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. Ruby Edwards says:

    mum and I have been learning lots of stuff on the blog . thanks everyone

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